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Eastman, Eastern Township, Québec

La Casetta, love at first sight ... a true love story.  This magnificent ancestral home, built in 1879 is situated in the heart of the quaint village of Eastman.  After having taken possession of this home, it soon became clear that it should be shared with all of you so that all can appreciate its warmth and its soul, which render it so welcoming.


Throughout the years, La Casetta was able to maintain all  it’s best original qualities.  During your stay at La Casetta, you will fell embraced and you will be brought back to another era where time stands still.


The ambiance of La Casetta make it an ideal location for your gatherings, may it be between lovers or as a group.  Plan your familily reunions, anniversaries, business meetings or gatherings amongst friends in an intimate surrounding, all with outstanding service.



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